Our Company

Everyn was born in 1998 from the will of Mr Pietro Pelagotti and Mr Antonio Baldini.

Mr Pietro Pelagotti studied as shoe’s modelist at the important Ars Sutoria school and took his degree in 1970. Mr Antonio Baldini was a serious and experienced “ factory director” from 1975. Putting together all these experiences, they started with their own activity to realize fine , elegant women’s shoes. With the help of their families and some good workers they quickly became a famous factory situated in the Italy centre.

Now we are at the third generation with Pelagotti Massimo , Pelagotti David and Baldini Francesco, to continue the family tradition . During these years the factory has developed in terms of organization and structure; nowadays we produce excellent women’s high quality elegant shoes with an hard and constant work of research they have improved the product without abandoning the artisan characteristics.

We produce about 12.000 pairs for years , realized in a space of 1.200 sm , the staff is now compound by : two partners and 30 workers with the only aim to realize a good product that reveals and shows all the “Made in Italy “ qualities. The secret is in the choice of first quality materials , attention to details , great experience . The factory is still producing for important brands as: Donna Karan, Kenzo, Hugo Boss, Dolce&Gabbana and Violavinca , but also for some big American names as Nordstrom, Via Spiga, Saks and J.Crew.

We are sure that “Made in Italy” will always be the future of our factory.

La qualità del made in Italy rappresenta il presente e il futuro per la nostra Azienda.
( ) Massimo Pelagotti